Our ALA Emerging Leaders Team

Our ALA Emerging Leaders Team
Team with Immediate Past ALA President Leslie Burger

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Presenting at ALA in Washington DC

It all came together last Friday June 22, 2007 as our team attended the final session of ALA's Emerging Leaders Program for 2007. As we listened, learned and shared our experiences we also thought of our future as Emerging Leaders (EL) in our profession. We addressed - How difficult was our communicating with each other (meeting virtually)... How did we work as teams... What relations did we have with our mentors and ALA staffers....

Lots of lessons and yet great fun and feelings of accomplishment in such a short time (January - June).

That afternoon we all put up our and poster displays and WE put on our own CUSTOM - National Library Camp T-Shirts (logo design by Jolie). Our Project Q - BEAUTIFUL & COLORFUL display included a video interview with a high school senior on the subject of "What would you expect from a National Library Camp?".

You can see part of it here on YOU TUBE- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWg_Xon62ug

We had handouts of our feasibility study research and talked to all who came by. We had a chance to look over each others projects and ask questions. Saturday night Leslie Burger hosted an EL Reception at her hotel Presidential Suite & balcony.

See My EL Photos Link-

We even had T-Shirts for our mentor and incoming ALA President Loriene Roy and EL Program creator and immediate past ALA President, Leslie Burger.. see photos.

Dear Team members - Please post your own thoughts of our Project Q experience...
I look forward to working with you as Emerged Leaders in the future......

God Bless
Florante Peter Ibanez - Loyola Law School - Rains Library