Our ALA Emerging Leaders Team

Our ALA Emerging Leaders Team
Team with Immediate Past ALA President Leslie Burger

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Team Conference Call with Kerry Ward and Loriene Roy

Great phone meeting today!!!

I'll try to summerize it....

Today's Agenda:
Go over Feasibility Study Outline, Go over Emerging Leaders Timeline, Talk About Poster, Assign duties for Study & Poster...

We all finally got onto the conference call swing of things today with Kerry Ward and Loriene Roy thanks to the help of Elizabeth Dreazen (Director, Office of ALA Governance).

We looked over the outline of the Feasibility Study from Christy and discussed various possible Library Camp scenarios. Mario will write up one based on cooperation with a college institution and utilizing an existing "academic camp" program, with added integration of a Library component. This will provide the team with an example to work off of to come up with or other scenario descriptions. (possible 5 total)

Florante suggested an example based from the discussion of incorporating Public Libraries summer reading programs/activities from the urban setting of wherever the annual ALA National Conference will be held and somehow integrating the National Library Camp concept with the local PL programs and ALA activities.

We all agreed that the American Camp Assoc. website suggested by Christy would become a good resource for our project. Once we get the various possible senarios fleshed out, Christy volunteered to add the statistical backwork data for the report.

We also started discussing our Poster Presentation at Washington DC as an important aspect of our Emerging Leaders project and Jolie volunteered to start planning its design with the possibilities of including video and photos into our display. Podcasting and Blogging as camp activities may be incorporated too. Mario volunteered printing resources as well.

Overall the one hour conference call was well spent and a followup Instant Messaging (IM) Team Chat session will be worked out for the near future.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Reference items


Article - Bialeschki, M. D. (2006, March). What's Happening with Camp Enrollment? Camping Magazine. http://www.acacamps.org/campmag/0603bialeschki.php

Timeline items

  • Friday, June 22, 2007 - Feasibility Study Poster Session
  • December 15, 2007 - Deadline for Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian grants


  • Introduction
  • Description of project - various camp scenarios - comparisons of several similiar career camps
  • Demand analysis - complete industry analysis, market potential and projections (general statistical data on camps and camp attendence, age levels, day vs. boarding, etc. and we can correlate the camp data with general census data for projection amounts)
  • Technical/organizational analysis - this part includes the place issues, staff information, and time/schedule
  • Financial - comparisons with other camps, locations of possible funding sources, tutition and basic camp costs go here
  • Conculsion and recommendation
  • Appendix - includes timeline of important dates, list of references, etc.

This is what I have in mind for a basic outline for the study. It helped me to find a few books that outlined what a feasibility study looked like...

I'm going to start two other posts for References and the Timeline for us to put those items into as we find them... Much of the information we need we can find at the American Camp Association website and they have some great survey data under their research link that we can take a lot of information from for this study.